Every body is unique.

There is no "one size fits all" formula for optimal health. At Irving Health, we customize a tailored program to help you look and feel your best.  

We believe in eating real food, shedding destructive habits and promoting a healthy body image and balanced lifestyle.

We don't believe in calorie counting, body shaming or fad dieting.

Through accountability, support and guidance, we empower you to own your health decisions and become the best version of yourself.



Private Consulting


Learn how to look and feel your best through a customized, holistic approach to health, wellness and fitness.  We examine not only your nutritional habits, but also other aspects of your lifestyle that can create potential imbalance, including career, relationships, fitness, sleep & spirituality.

Our most common program takes six months, with one-hour sessions in person or over the phone at least twice per month.  Additionally, we offer a variety of programs depending on a client's specific goals, including a special "wedding ready" program or "postpartum recovery". 

Pilates Training


With an emphasis on form, alignment and mind-body connection, our Pilates sessions will lengthen, strengthen and tone the body.  Each session begins with a personal evaluation to assess posture, muscle imbalances, injuries and movement patterns.  We then develop a routine based on the specific needs of the individual or group.

We offer a variety of options on the equipment or mat, including in-home private or duet sessions, group classes or sessions in-studio in NYC.

Corporate Wellness


New Yorkers spend most of their awake hours at work. This can often be a difficult time to make optimal decisions regarding personal wellness.  With our Corporate Wellness program, we help your employees to make better health decisions at work, improving productivity, energy levels and creativity.